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Plex Sessions on Sub FM October archive now up w/tracks from Drexciya, Happa, Blawan, Datassette, Breach+ GEDDIT!

Sub FM September Plex Sessions show now up w/music from Ancient Methods,Papers,Tessela,Truss,Perc,Trevino,Surgeon,Clouds+++ GO GEDDIT!

Plex Sessions on Sub FM August show now up w/trax from Neil Landstrumm, Foul Play, Blawan, 2562, Function, Charlton +++ Go geddit!

Plex Sessions on Sub FM July edition is now up! w/trax from Special Request, Orphx, Redinho, Wax, Surgeon, Floorplan, Happa, Jon Hopkins ++ Get on it!

Plex Sessions on Sub FM June archive is up w/ tracks from Moniker, Monoak, Rrose, Robert Hood, Tessela, Pangaea, Function +++ Go geddit! :)

Thought i’d up this again, Ben’s Statik 2008 promo mix - well worth a listen if you haven’t already. Out to the Maltese

Plex Sessions on Sub FM April archive is now up! Go geddit :)

Plex Sessions April Sub.FM archive now up; tracks from Tessela, Metrist, Gesloten Cirkel Levon Vincent, Romare ++ Go geddit!

February’s Plex Sessions on Sub.FM archive now up! Trax from Bracket, TVO, Dark Sky, Aphex Twin, Diamond Version, Container, Cosmin TRG ++

January’s Plex Session on Sub.FM is now up, with exclusive recordings from our last mega-party, PCM2. Get on it!

December Plex Sessions on SubFM archive is now up! W/ trax from MPIA3, Legowelt, Happa, Don Froth, Andy Stott, Blawan, Dark Sky +++

November’s Plex Sessions on Sub FM archive now up w/ tracks from Blawan, Clatterbox, Volsoc, Phat Chex, Blawan, FSG, DJ Funk, Posthuman++

To get things warmed up for tonight here is Skunkrock dishing out some Plex vibes in Chicago. Catch him @ #PCM2 10-11pm

October’s Plex Sessions on Sub FM show now up! Featuring Armando, MPIA3, Silent Servant, Trevino, Bola, Happa, Don Froth, Dark Sky +++

August Plex Sessions on SubFM archive now up! With tracks from Untold, Trevino, Monolake, T++, Bas Mooy, Paleman, Tessela, and a burst of Metalheadz… go geddit! :)

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